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Wynberg Through The Years

Wynberg Through the Years

Wynberg Girls’ Schools was established in 1884 – with 27 learners and 5 teachers. A large area on which most of the school still stands, was owned by Captain William Underwood, who was a member of the British Armed Forces. He named the land, “Waterloo Estate” in honour of the battle at which the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon. 

The first building had one hall in the middle and two classrooms on either side with a front porch and cloak room. The original name of the school was Wynberg Ladies Seminary.

In 1934, the Junior School was completed and when the school reached 600 learners, it was decided to separate the high school from the junior school.

The school badge gets its crest from the Duke of Wellington, who visited the school in its early days, giving permission to use his lion crest.

Through the years, Wynberg has grown from strength to strength – and certainly brought about much change. Today WGJS is home to approximately 711 learners and 78 staff members, and the facilities have grown to include tennis courts, a mini astro, aquatic centre and fully equipped foundation phase and senior phase buildings.